EVPad TV Box Evaluation and Explanation
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Review at paliwanag ng EVPAD Kahon sa TV

EVPad PRO adopts an Android operating system, the operating interface is quite streamlined and easy to operate. The hardware part adopts Cortex-A7 quad-core processor with 1GB memory, ROM is 16GB, HDMI output supports 4K high-quality output, and WiFi part supports 2.4G and 5G, and Blue tooth 4.0, the USB port provides two sets of USB2.0 ports, and a built-in micro SD card reader. The overall hardware specifications are quite powerful. The software part provides quite a few sets of live broadcast software and audio-visual multimedia software, as well as built-in Google Play allows users to install apps by themselves to make the application more extensive.

EVPad TV Box Evaluation and Explanation

EVPAD TV Box is quite practical in terms of function. The stability of the live TV signal source is not bad, and online customer service is provided. If you have any reception problems, you can directly ask questions online, and the customer service will provide solutions and assistance online; The application market part provides a variety of movies, dramas, animations and live broadcast software in various countries so that users have the richest multimedia resources; the hardware part uses a quad-core processor to do a variety of applications, and the IO is quite complete, easy to install and connect. It can be used with a single line, the software setting and operation are quite easy, and the built-in software is also quite rich, such as the most basic Internet viewing data and browsing the web, or playing music, movies (supporting H.265 format), drama... etc. Playing high-definition video files is not a problem. The built-in Google Play installs suitable apps for other more in-depth applications. The I/O section provides two sets of USB2.0 interfaces, which can install multiple sets of USB device operations and applications at the same time. It also has a built-in micro SD The card reader, the image uses HDMI output (support 4K resolution), the network can use the built-in RJ-45 and 802.11ac wireless network card connection, overall it is good and convenient and the application level is quite extensive A product!!

The outer packaging is simple, marking the product model, and the warranty provides one-to-one exchange within one year, Chinese Taiwanese version, and support for 4K output
* Product specifications and NCC certification are indicated on the back
* The product model and IPTV smart system are marked on the top
* The product features are marked on the side, CPU+GPU has a total of eight cores, WiFi supports 2.4G and 5G, supports H.265 decoding and built-in 16GB ROM
* Accessories: memory remote control, warranty card, manual, power adapter, USB power input cable and HDMI cable
* The remote control is similar to the general set-top box, and there is an explanation of the operation mode of the memory remote control part on the back
* EVPad PRO body at a glance, the whole is quite lightweight, with the word EVPad PRO printed in the middle
* There are power, network and infrared indicator lights in the front
* The rear IO is wired network, AV OUT, HDMI and power input
* The IO on the right is a micro SD card reader and two sets of USB2.0 ports
* The bottom has a non-slip design and a heat dissipation hole, and the product model and safety certification are posted in the middle

 EVPad Pro hardware wiring instructions
* Use scenario 1 (when the display device has HDMI): directly install the EVPad PRO to the LCD TV or LCD screen via the HDMI extension cable, and you can start using the functions of the smart TV. The USB part provides three groups that can be used. Install USB keyboard and mouse, flash drive and flash drive, and micros SD card reader can be used, the network port can be connected via a wired network (RJ45) or wireless WiFi
* Use scenario 2 (when the display device does not have HDMI): At this time, you must find an HDMI to D-SUB or component terminal device, and separate the HDMI source and audio source. As shown in the figure below, the device can connect The signal source is converted to D-SUB (CRT) or component terminal, the audio source part is RCA Jack output, the audio source can use RCA Jack to 3.5mm input to the LCD TV or LCD screen, this combination can also start to use the smart TV has The USB part provides three sets of functions, which can be installed with USB keyboard and mouse, pen drive and pen drive, and micro SD card reader can be used. The network part can be connected via a wired network (RJ45) or wireless WiFi line
 EVPad Pro interface introduction
* The operation interface is quite simple, there are three categories of desktop, market and application. There are settings, clearing and software removal functions below. Common software can be added to the desktop part, which is more convenient and smooth to operate!
* The market part provides Google Play which allows users to install software on their own and achieve more applications
* The application section provides system settings, Chrome browser, FileManager, Google settings, system upgrades, music and Miracast software
* Setting some options is similar to the general Android system
* FileManager is like a file manager, you can browse all files on the device, and have videos, pictures, music and file classifications
* Google setting options list
* Music player can categorize artists and albums for music files, as well as music and playlists to view
* Miracast software can do screen synchronization
* There is a key clear function in the lower-left corner, which can clear the files occupied by the system
* The application uninstallation part can remove installed software
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